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401(k) Investors

| May 26, 2020
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For those nearing retirement or risk-averse, we suggest an allocation of bond funds and cash. If you wish to continue some equities exposure (to capture any possible continued up-move/growth) look at the large cap blend sector and even a portion in the health care sector.

If not nearing retirement and can tolerate some risk, we suggest the following sectors:

  • Large Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Blend (contains growth and value)
  • Healthcare (with the pandemic, this sector has been doing well)
  • Mid Cap Blend
  • Short term bond fund
  • Tech
  • Energy (given the recent gigantic sell-off in oil and only if you can tolerate the risk, this could potentially be extremely rewarding)

Important to note, not all sectors have experienced losses and in fact, many made gains YTD. This is why it is important to review your holdings regularly to make changes as needed.


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