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| October 14, 2020
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We along with many of the market analysts we work with daily, are concerned about the possibility of a very chaotic and contentious situation just before and even after the election. One only needs to observe the current chasm and animosity between the Democrats and Republicans.

We always share, “the markets do not like uncertainty” and believe all will agree, it is “full-blown” at this juncture. We believe the safest tact at this time is to wait and see before making any long-term commitments. When we ascertain how the markets will digest the election, whatever the outcome, then we will know how to proceed.

As to the economy, it appears to be improving as more and more states rescind their total business lockdowns allowing many people to return to work, (some, still working remotely). Sadly, on the downside, many small businesses have closed, permanently due to a lack of capitalization issues.

If/when, the two parties agree to yet another stimulus package, this would not only help speed the economic recovery but could possibly alleviate some of the pain for smaller, underfunded businesses.

As always, we will keep you informed as events unfold in the market and economy.


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