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Individual Services

Mission Statement

Our mission for our individual clients is quite simple in nature, to help in the following seven ways:


Grow your individual account values whether it is an IRA or an after-tax account


Suggest alternatives that offer safety of principle


Offer informed investment guidance, when requested


Help to avoid major downside shifts in the stock and bond markets with our technical and fundamental market analysis


Prepare you for your retirement years by creating a current budget and a retirement budget


Ensure you have full access to your accounts and to a professional broker that is familiar with your goals


Sharing investment ideas and investment philosophies.

Endowment Management

The responsibility of managing an endowment differs fundamentally from the responsibilities of most other investment fiduciaries. The difference arises from the nature of the beneficiaries.

In most asset management practices, the beneficiaries, or clients, can speak for themselves. In the case of an endowment, however, most of the beneficiaries have yet to benefit from the generosity of today’s contributions. Future generations have as much entitlement to the benefits of the endowment as those currently benefiting, and their rights must be protected. At Saunders Financial we take the responsibility of endowment management seriously and seek to develop an investment strategy that will focus on the long term goals of individual endowments.

Trust Management

Saunders Financial has the expertise and breadth of knowledge to provide high net worth families and individuals with innovative investment strategies that you will not find anywhere else. Our globally competitive offerings of financial services are second to none. Our mission is to preserve and grow the assets of our clients based on their specific needs and desires. We focus on serving each client with the attentiveness of a trusted friend providing strategies to guide them through life’s transitions.